Want to keep your new landscaping project looking great longer with less maintenance? Edging is what separates the mulch and rocks of different spaces such as flower beds, trees, and buildings from the rest of your yard. It gives your landscaping nice clean lines and can help stop grass and weeds from ruining the design created just for your yard. Contact Mark Hoer Landscaping today for a consultation.

Uses for Edging

Edging has a variety of uses for any landscaping project. Edging is what gives your landscape a distinct design, it removes the need to mow right up next to gardens and building, and it can be used to catch water runoff.


Every great landscape design relies on the creation of well-planned lines. These lines, whether curved or straight, are what separates different elements such as gardens or tree lines from the rest of your yard. It’s what sets your yard apart from other non-landscaped yards.


Many clients think that edging is something that they can do without, but this is a misconception. Without proper edging, overtime, grass and weeds will start to overrun the design lines and get into the rocks and mulch surrounding gardens and trees. This means you’ll need to pay to have more work done to keep your yard looking as good as day one.

Edging also makes it so you don’t have to mow right up to buildings, and gardens saving you time for other important tasks.

Types of Edging

There are many different types of material that can be used to edge your lawn. Each one has its own set of benefits and draw backs. Some options include:

  • Aluminum Edging: A durable and flexible material that will not rust or crack from the environment.
  • Steel Edging: Another very durable option, but it can rust and often has sharp corners and edges not suitable for play areas.
  • Plastic Edging: Very popular because of its low cost, but it can be damaged by the sun or come out of the ground due to freezing and thawing.
  • Brick and Stone Edging: These materials look great and really catch the eye, but are more costly than other options.

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