While many people may overlook grading when planning their own landscape project, proper grading is an important aspect of any landscaping. Without it, water can flow right into your house causing flooding every time it rains.

Grading is the Foundation of Good Landscape Design

Great landscape design starts from the ground up. That’s why at Mark Hoerr Landscaping, we plan with that mindset. First, the grading must be right, then the other elements can be put into place. Contact us today for your free one-on-one consultation.


The most important feature of grading is its ability to help water flow away from your home and other structures, such as tool sheds and patios. When your yard isn’t properly graded water can sit next to your foundation eventually causing structural damage. It can also start to flow into your basement or the rest of your home causing thousands of dollars worth of damage and possible mold issues.

Sloping the land away from your home will make sure the water flows outward where it can run off into storm drains or streams. It is also important when designing other parts of your landscaping such as patios, and driveways.


While grading is an extremely important aspect of your landscape function, it can also play a major role in the overall look of your yard. It is one of the most important tools for any landscape designer. Grading is used for a number of design elements to create a dramatic effect and set the perfect atmosphere for your backyard.

Modifying the soil with grading provides a great foundation for many elements of your landscape design, including:

  • Stairs
  • Slopes
  • Terraces
  • And Embankments

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