Outdoor Lighting

An often overlooked element of your landscaping is outdoor lighting. When you invest your energy, time, and money into making your landscaping look amazing, you shouldn’t be limited to only enjoying it during the day.

Enjoy Your Lawn Later with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy it late into the night, keep you safe, and increase the curb appeal of your home. Contact Mark Hoerr Landscaping today to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

Curb Appeal

A well-lit home makes your house warm and inviting. By placing uplights near gardens, trees, and various design elements you draw people’s eyes to these areas, allowing the beautiful design to be showcased throughout the night.

You can also install lights as décor along the exterior of your buildings, from trees and in patio areas to create a specific ambiance or mood that will make your outdoors feel as comfortable as the inside of your home.

Zone Lighting

Not only does outdoor lighting make your landscaping look and feel great in the evenings, but it makes it useable as well. Without it, patios, outdoor kitchens, and sitting areas become too dark to see once the sun goes down. Adding outdoor lighting to these different areas or “zones” will extend their use to anytime day or night.

Personal Safety

There are many areas of your landscaping that could become hazards at night. For example, stairs, pools, and other drop-offs are all places you or your guests could potentially be injured, resulting in medical bills and possible lawsuits. Adding lighting to these areas as well as walkways and patios helps make sure you can navigate your yard easily and safely.


One of the best ways to deter potential thieves or vandals is to install outdoor lighting. It is more difficult for people to approach your home or hide in your yard when they are both well-lit. We recommend security lighting near the darkest areas of your property, as well as anywhere someone may try to enter your home.

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To keep your yard looking great even after the sun goes down and to keep you and your guests safer you need outdoor lighting that showcases your landscaping. Call us today at (309) 303-8224!

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