Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just enjoy time outdoors with friends, a well-maintained lawn is more inviting than a brown and dying one. Fertilization ensures your lawn stays green and healthy.

Uses for Fertilization

In addition to being a great way to ensure your yard stays healthy and looks great all season long, fertilization has many other benefits as well. Contact Mark Hoerr Landscaping today to schedule regular lawn fertilization.

Reduce Weed Growth

Weeds may always make their way into your yard, but strong healthy grass can minimize their effectiveness. With regular fertilization you can ensure your grass’ roots are thick and strong, making it difficult for weeds get in and take root.

Fertilizing your lawn doesn’t just make it strong and healthy. It also saves you time and money spent on killing weeds with harsh chemicals. Without proper fertilization weeds may begin to take over your lawn.

Protect Your Investment

Whether you’re using sod or seeding, when you invest in a new lawn you want to protect that investment. Fertilization will help ensure that your new lawn is able to put down strong and healthy roots so that it will not die off easily. Once the initial application of fertilizer has helped the roots take hold, regular fertilization will make sure your lawn continues to get all the nutrients it needs to keep looking great.

Stop Standing Water

Another benefit of strong healthy grass is its ability to absorb water. If you have regular issues of puddles forming in your yard, especially after moderate to light rain, you risk a variety of water issues such as flooding. Fertilization helps grow stronger healthier roots which are able to absorb more water. Often times, the stronger root systems can reduce or eliminate muddy spots that may form in your lawn, ruining the design.

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