An important part of your landscaping is your walkways. You don’t want to trample over plants or wear bald spots into your grass by repeatedly walking the same path every time you step outside. Walkways are a great way to eliminate this problem, and break up the monotony of plain grass. For a one-on-one consultation to plan the perfect landscape design for you and your home, contact Mark Hoerr Landscaping today.

Walkways Design

Walkways provide more than just a way to get around. They can have a dramatic effect on the overall atmosphere of your landscaping. Choosing the right materials and layout will make sure your walkways are not just functional but are another interesting element of your design. A few options for materials include:

  • Natural stone: A great option if you want your paths to feel like they were made naturally. You can add to this look by adding some small plants between gaps in the stones.
  • Brick: This is a classic piece of landscape design that looks great with just about any home, but especially with a more traditional style house.
  • Wood: Often used with modern style homes, this option gives your walkways a very warm and inviting feel.
  • Mixed: You don’t have to choose just one option. For truly unique paths through your property, you can mix and match various materials to give your home the perfect eclectic look that matches your style.


Whether you choose natural stone, concrete, or some combination of materials for your walkways, it needs to be functional. Walkways serve many different purposes depending on where they are used and how they are laid out. A few examples include:

  • Creating an inviting path into your home or out to different areas of your yard.
  • Helping guests to safely navigate from one place to another, such as a patio to a garden.
  • Controlling the flow of walking. A short straight path may get you quickly from your patio to your fire pit, but a long winding path through your garden will cause you to slow down and enjoy each plant.

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