Brick and Paver Patios

Brick and Paver Patios

When you think about outdoor living you probably think about grilling out, soaking up some sun, or sitting around a fire with friends and family. All of these usually happen on your patio.

Brick and Paver Patios the Best Place to Enjoy Your Lawn

A patio is the primary living space of your lawn, because of this you want to make it every bit as comfortable as your indoor living room/kitchen. Brick and paver patios are one of the best ways to make a statement with your landscape design. Contact Mark Hoerr Landscaping today for a consultation!


Paver and brick patios are one of the best ways to truly customize the look of your landscaping. The maintenance and versatility are two of the benefits. Read more about the benefits below.


It doesn’t take long for concrete slabs to crack or chip. This is especially true with the freezing and thawing that happens in Central Illinois winters. Similarly, wood decking will rot and warp over time, meaning costly repairs or replacement. Brick and paver patios require minimal maintenance and will withstand the elements, saving you money over time.


Poured concrete generally comes in one color, grey. Wood decking has more options with the various stains, but this still can leave you wanting more. With paver and brick patios ,you don’t have to worry about a lack of options. These come in all different cuts and colors, from rough natural stones to clean brick lines. Brick and paver patios have something to compliment any home and landscape design.


Not only do paver and brick patios look great with any design, they have become one of the most versatile products in landscaping. They come in many different shapes and sizes of both natural stone and man-made stone, which gives you a lot more options, not just for design, but also for functionality. Functionality such as slip resistance that you don’t get with a basic concrete slab or wood deck.

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