Everyone knows that plants need water, but most people assume that the rain provides enough for your lawns needs. Or, they think that spraying the hose across the yard once a day is an effective way to water their garden and lawn. Unfortunately, neither are true.

Watering the Lawn Keeps it Looking Great

One of the best ways to keep your lawn green and lush all season long is with regular deep watering. Watering helps your grass grow stronger and healthier, which makes it look better and last longer. At Mark Hoerr Landscaping, we are experts at lawn care and can ensure your lawn is getting as much water as needed, without wasting water and money. Contact us today to schedule your weekly watering service.

Save Time

Why spend your time outdoors doing yard work when you could be enjoying a brand new outdoor kitchen and patio? Properly watering your lawn takes more than just a few minutes of spraying with the hose. Depending on the size of the yard, it can take a couple hours or once a week to make sure that water gets down deep across the entire lawn.

With frequent shallow watering, the water will sit on the top layer of soil and can dry up before your grass has a chance to absorb it all. By allowing Mark Hoerr Landscaping to handle this for you, there is no wasted time on your end, and we’ll make sure your grass gets the exact amount of water it needs to thrive.

Save Money

Without proper watering, your lawn is subject to a variety of problems that can cause you to spend extra money on re-seeding or laying sod, in the future. Some potential issues include:

  • Watering at the wrong time of day can leave too much moisture, causing diseases that will kill your grass.
  • Forgetting to water the lawn can lead to drought, causing wilting and discoloration.
  • Overwatering can deprive your roots of oxygen, which is just as bad as depriving your plants of water.

In addition to protecting your lawn, allowing us to water your lawn can help you save on your water bill. Many people try watering with a hose and a store-bought sprinkler. When these get left on too long, you’re wasting water and money. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen with our proven process for watering lawns.

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